Sunday, October 7, 2012


kore kara....
where to start...

My name is Katherine Haigh, but you can call me Kei-chan.  It's easy to remember since kimono also begins with a "k".  I'm originally from the Washington DC metropolitan area.  Currently I live in Okinawa, and I have absolutely fallen in love with kimono.  The swaying sleeves, beautiful designs, graceful neckline; kimono is the definition of  femininity and beauty.  

I began my love affair with kimono shortly after moving to Okinawa and purchasing my first yukata, one of my favorite kimono garments to this day.  I'm creating this blog to help all kimono lovers delve deeper into the world of kimono.   I will be writing tutorials for different musubi (ties) kimono wearing techniques, types of kimono and obi, various products, and of course, great places to buy kimono.  

Perhaps one day this blog will evolve into a website where I have a virtual  kimono shop, but for now it's just general advice and lessons.  

Next week will be an introduction to basic kimono wearing with a yukata.  Shortly after we will go over a basic chou chou musubi.  Later on we will delve into other various musubi and start building up kimono vocabulary.  

Until then~


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